Nearly all real estate brokers in the Greater Seattle Area join the NWMLS (Northwest Multiple Listing Service) and nearly all the listings that buyers can find online are from NWMLS. For many years, NWMLS had required the seller to list and provide the buyer agent commission (which is usually set at 3% by the seller/listing agent in the Greater Seattle Area) when listing the property. That’s the reason that your buyer agent tells you that you don’t need to pay him/her. Some aggressive buyer agents may even tell the buyers that the buyers can receive money (i.e., a rebate, from the buyer agent at the closing. The buyer agent’s rebate to the buyer comes from the buyer agent commission. However, effective 10/1/2019, NWMLS no longer requires the seller to pay the buyer agent commission. Under the new NWMLS rule, there are three options: (1) the seller can still provide the buyer agent commission as usual, (2) the buyer requests the seller to pay the buyer agent commission in the offer, or (3) the buyer pays the buyer agent commission directly.

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Our STELLAR client reviews reveal the simple answer:


Our broker team includes lawyers, accountants, and real estate gurus. We have the highest ethical standards and professionalism, and we think creatively to help you close deals. We can also offer 2%+ rebates to our buyers to win the deal and 0.5% or 1% listing agent commission to the sellers to sweeten the deal.

Clients may initially be attracted to our amazingly high rebate, but they hire us, return to us, and refer friends to us, because of our five-star real estate agents and premier full services. We do much more than simply write offers. Our agents go the extra mile with busy buyers by discussing property conditions, pricing, and offer strategies. We are happy to contact the listing agent regarding the offer competition up until last minute to negotiate the best possible deal.



  • Redfin rebate data is based on the estimated refund published for sample properties at on September 15, 2019.

  • Olaie rebate data is based on our 2% rebate plan.

  • For a $500k home, Redfin rebates $1,557 v. Olaie, which rebates $10,000; for a $1M home, Redfin rebates $3,561 v. Olaie, which rebates $20,000; for $2M home, Redfin rebates $6,360 v. Olaie, which rebates $40,000.




REDFIN — 8 to 5 working hours

“Talk to a real person. We’re here for you 8 am to 5 pm PST, seven days a week.” -

OLAIE — 24/7 for buyers

Our brokers respond to our clients 24/7. We often discuss and draft offers with our clients who have busy working schedules at midnight.

Our clients can reach us any time via:

  • LIVE CHAT at the lower right corner of this webpage


  • Visit contact and scan the QR code of our WECHAT or FACEBOOK MESSENGER

    We usually respond to our clients IN A FEW MINUTES.




Negotiation Mastery

Our agents have superior negotiation skills to win the bidding wars for our clients. Our team includes lawyers, accountants, and real estate investment gurus.

Before making any offer, we will contact the listing agent to assess the offer competition. We design the offer terms with the buyer to make our offer stand out. We will write the cover email listing the key terms with our offer to the listing agent. We will then call the listing agent to find how we may convince the seller to accept our offer.



We use big data technology to provide property value estimate based on recent months’ sales and market trends.

We also let buyers sign documents online FOR FREE. No printer, scanner, or fax machine needed.

Helps the buyers make competitive offers.

Buyers can now easily find properties by using online resources and checking the properties in an open house, or by directly making an appointment with the listing agent. Olaie rewards savvy buyers with a BIG REBATE as showing houses takes a substantial amount of time for a buyer agent.

We understand that some buyers still need a broker to open the door for properties with no open house planned. So we have designed several plans for the buyers, mostly depending on the property visits with our brokers. We provide the same level of our negotiation skills and services for all of our plans.

We provide a DETAILED PROPERTY ANALYSIS REPORT, including property details, recent comparable sales, market trends, and neighborhood to help buyers determine fair values. We also provide MLS DATA, including SELLER DISCLOSURE FORM and LISTING AGENT REMARKS (such as special offer requirements), which are published only on the MLS website for licensed brokers.


24/7 service!

We often discuss and draft offers with our clients who have busy working schedule at midnight. Our clients can catch us any time via: LIVE CHAT at the lower right corner of the webpage; EMAIL at SERVICE@OLAIE.COM; TEXT us at (206) 395-4368. WeChat us at Olaieservice

We usually respond to our clients IN A FEW MINUTES.


No exclusive agency!

We never require buyers to sign an exclusive agency agreement, allowing them to freely choose other agents for their next property. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.


Never oversell

Olaie understands that purchasing a property is one of the biggest investments for our clients.

Thus, we NEVER PUT PRESSURE on their decisions.



Our real estate agents are not only licensed brokers but also have MBA and JD degrees from top universities in the U.S. and bring years of experiences in real estate investment. We have high ethical standards with professionalism!




The only difference between our plans is the property visit fee. For a limited time we have a 2.25% rebate plan—the property visit fee is non-refundable and the first property visit is free if you take advantage of our promotion to share us on social media. For our 2% rebate plan, the first property visit is free, and a nonrefundable $100 fee is required per property visit afterwards. For our 1.5% rebate plan, the first three property visits are free and a $100 fee per property visit is required afterwards, but they are fully refundable at closing. This allows a balance between keeping our costs low and refunding the largest possible rebates to our buyers..

How many property visits do the buyers need from Olaie?

Some first-time home buyers are concerned about the property visit fees as they believe the buyer agents need to open the door of each property for them. In fact, nearly all builders’ new properties have an on-site sales office that you can visit by yourself. Just be aware that 99% of builders require that you are represented by a buyer agent for your first contact. Otherwise, the builders will only provide us a 1% commission, which means little or rebate to our buyers. Thus, please make sure to leave our agent name and Olaie as your broker at your first visit. Or even better, you can send a list of new properties that you are interested in and we can register you as our clients with the builders in advance.

For second-hand properties, most decent properties in the Greater Seattle Area will have at least one open house. The experienced listing agents will usually set the offer deadline after the open house time. Even if some listing agents indicate that the offer is first come, first served, they would likely not accept the offer before the open house time unless it’s full or above the listing price with other strong terms. We can let our buyers know whether there is a set offer deadline for a particular property, which means the buyers will only need our agents to show the property if they are very interested in making an offer after reviewing the property data before the open house time. Many of our buyers, taking advantage of the open houses, bought their dream homes with us within three property visits accompanied by our agents. That’s why we set three free property visits in the 1.5% Rebate Plan.

We provide one free property visit in the 2% Rebate Plan and three free property visits in the 1.5% Rebate Plan. If you are still concerned or need our experienced agents to accompany you to visit the properties, you can choose the 1.5% Rebate Plan, in which all property visit fees are totally refundable to our buyers at the closing, with no time limit. You have nothing to lose!

  • LIMITED TIME PROMOTION: Under the 2.25% Rebate plan, if you visit contact and scan the QR code of our WeChat or Facebook Messenger to add us as your friend, and share this message in your friend circle: “I like which provides amazing service and a 2%+ rebate to home buyers,” your first property visit is free..

  • Olaie's commission paid by seller in the pricing plans refers to the published commission to the buyer agents at MLS, which is usually 3%. Sometimes, some sellers — especially builders — may provide extra bonus to the buyer agents such that the total number of houses from the seller sold by the buyer agent in the previous few years reaches a limit. Such bonuses are not refundable to the buyer.

  • Please be aware that, effective 10/1/2019, the sellers are not required to pay commission to buyer agents. We expect most sellers will still list commission to buyer agents. For the sellers that do not list commission to buyer agents, the buyers can require commission to the buyer agents in their offers or pay the buyer agents directly. In such cases, Olaie shall receive the guarantee fee listed in each plan.



1. olaie helps you find a property

You may already use,,, or many other online or offline resources to search properties.

Now you can download the MLS app Homespotter by using the agent link to have access to the latest property listings at the same time as all real estate agents, which is more timely and accurate than,, You can even chat with us or ask questions via the app.

If you prefer, Olaie can send you the property listing information, which you may be interested in after working for a while and understanding your property preference.

No matter whether it's a single family house (SFH), a townhouse, or a condo, even First-Time Home Buyers can find their dream property by following our step-by-step guidelines.

2. You hire Olaie


A. YOU submit A CONTACT form to request PROPERTY data FOR FREE

Olaie will send you the following data for the property within two business hours:

  • Offer deadline and open house time. We will contact the listing agent and let you know whether the seller will accept an offer before the open house time.

  • Detailed Property Analysis (SAMPLE), which includes property details, comparables, market trends, information about neighbors, a neighborhood profile, an assessor map, and a flood map.

  • MLS Data including Seller Disclosure (SAMPLE BLANK FORM) and Listing Agent Remarks (such as special requirements to buyers), from the MLS website not found on public websites.

  • Buyer Agent's Commission provided by the seller.



  • For the builders’ new properties, you can visit the sale office of the builder by yourself. Please be sure to leave our agent name as your buyer agent and Olaie as your buyer brokerage firm at your first contact with the builders.

  • For the second-hand properties, you can check the properties at their open houses or contact Olaie to request that our agents show you the properties before the open house, if you are really interested in making an offer after reviewing the property data and the offer is first come, first served.


C.  olaie calls the listing agent

You remain interested in the property after viewing the property data and visiting the property, and intend to make an offer on the property.  You can email us your desired offer terms in the Contact Form which includes the major terms required for the offer.

Olaie calls the listing agent to Assess Offer Competitions. Among many other questions, we will ask:

  • whether the listing agent has received any offers;

  • whether any other buyers have conducted pre-inspection;

  • how promising your desired offer terms are.

We will then contact you and discuss offer terms based on the feedback from the listing agent.


D. OLAIE WriteS & NegotiateS the Offer for you

You decide to make an offer on the property and inform us of your final offer terms.   

Olaie reviews your offer terms and provides suggestions. 

We will prepare the offer for your review and signature. Unless the seller specifically requires a physical copy, our technology allows you to Electronically Sign all documents online on your desktop, tablet, or phone.  

We will send the signed offer to the listing agent within One Business Hour.

If there is a counter-offer from the seller, we will negotiate the offer for you. If the seller accepts the offer, we will coordinate with the closing agent for closing, and guide you through the whole process until the closing date.


3. olaie refunds the rebate to you at closing

At the closing date, we will provide you with the BIG REBATE, which is the difference between the buyer agent's commission stipulated by the seller (this is typically 3%) and your selected Pricing Plan. 

We can apply the rebate to your closing cost, ask the seller to reduce the final sale price, or ask the lender to reduce the loan principal.